Data is the Next Intel Inside

In this week’s post we will be looking at O Reilly’s second design pattern Data is the next ‘Intel Inside’. Basically this pattern is the paradigm shift from desktop applications to online applications. Application were once locked to a single form i.e Desktop Pc they can now be accessed on the internet from virtually anywhere. Data is the cornerstone of Web 2.0 Applications and one such application that relies heavily on user data is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free data monitoring software created by Google. It allows web designers or people who created their own website and blogs to see the amount of traffic that they are getting to their site. It showcases in detail how long users have spent on the website, what articles they have read and at what periods of time during the day the site was accessed. In addition admen’s can see how consumers reached the site .This includes the use  of search engines , social media or some form of online advertising that has brought them to this page.

This is a great tool for marketing companies as it allows them to scope out new target markets and to see if their current brand of advertising is being effective in drawing in consumers. Another great feature is the way it to represents the data is collects. Data can be viewed in a yearly timeline view showing the trend of traffic on the website i.e. sudden interest spikes various other forms or representation such as bar graphs or pie charts are also available. In addition there are various different filters that a user can input to extract specific types of data and compile this information into a chart or graph.

Currently Analytics is using by some of the biggest social websites in the world such as twitter but because its free software anyone can use it and that’s what so great about it.  Now there’s in even a plug in for Word press so my fellow INB 347 bloggers I would advise you to try it and see how much traffic your posts get.

Want to find out more about how Google Analytics improves a business ? click here



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